3D Artist metamorphosing into a UX Designer

Why the switch?  
3D and UX design are certainly different in terms of their tools and techniques, however, they share a similar approach to problem-solving: learn constraints, define design goals, possess a flexible approach to foster creative solutions, and an iterative testing and refining process to ensure the best possible outcome. While initially my bundle of neurons were excited at the thought of visualizing abstractions, since then my interests have snowballed into devising actionable user experience solutions rooted in critical research findings.

My 2 loves: good design and good food🤝
I was raised in the lap of India's bread basket, Punjab, and have grown up to synonymize the design process with a good meal - both are tediously prepared while consumed in mere minutes!

Interests: Optical illusions 🌚 Astronomy 🌝 Burtonesque design style ⚜️ Open world RPGs 🗺

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